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protect privacy! open public data!


SERVIETTE - ein kleiner Server für Events

2015-01-31/01 FOSDEM pack list:

2015-03-22/23 Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (CLT):

2015-04-03/06 EasterHegg:

2015-04-24/25 Grazer Linux-Tage (GLT):
Events 2015 - http://cal.guckes.net/
2015-04-03/06 Braunschweig  EasterHegg        https://eh15.easterhegg.eu/site/
2015-06-06/07 Hannover      Maker Faire       http://makerfairehannover.com/
2015-06-04/07 Karlsruhe     GPN               https://entropia.de/GPN15
2015-07-09/12 Lindabrunn    Stadtflucht       https://metalab.at/wiki/Stadtflucht
2015-08-13/17 Mildenberg    Chaos Camp        http://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/ (?)
2015-08-22/23 Bonn          FrOSCon #10   (?) http://www.froscon.de/
2015-09-04/06 Darmstadt     MRMCD2014     (?) https://mrmcd.net/
2015-10-24/25 Dresden       Datenspuren       http://datenspuren.de/2015/
2015-10-24/25 Hannover      Hackover          http://hackover.de/
2015-11-07/08 Oberhausen    OpenRheinRuhr     http://www.openrheinruhr.de
2015-11-13/15 Stuttgart     No-Spy-Konferenz  https://no-spy.org/
2015-11-17/20 Wien          DeepSec       (?) https://deepsec.net/
2015-12-27/30 Hamburg       32C3              https://events.ccc.de/congress/2015/



encrypt emails with either one of these two keys:
1024R/57F77F09 or

DE: fon:+49-179-3966141 (skype:guckes whatsapp)
IRC: SvenG (on FreeNode, IRCnet, and OFTC)
twitter: @guckes

Encrypt your Emails!

"why encrypt?" -> "why not?!"
"it's hard!"   -> "it's not."
"i got nothing to hide." -> "then got nothing to lose."

"if your system encrypted all the data before sending it away and
 all automatically without any effort to you.. would you mind?"

"we need transparent governments.. not transparent citizens."
"if you got nothing to hide then you need not be afraid of wikileaks."
"People  should not be afraid of their governments.
 Governments should be afraid of their people."

if your system encrypted all data before sending automatically,
transparently, without any interaction at all, would you mind?
when companies tell you that you must use encryption to secure your data
then why don't you use it for everything else as well? (chat, emails..)
when your government tells you to use less secure cryptography -
doesnt that make you feel like a second class citizen?
so.. download my keys and use them to encrypt your messages to me with them:
gpg: 1024R/57F77F09 [1995-01-30] stats download
gpg: 8000R/0185391B [2014-03-11] stats download
Find a trust path to my key 1024R/57F77F09 [1995-01-30]:
Enter your key id:
Find a trust path to my key 8000R/0185391B [2014-03-11]:
Enter your key id:

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